Demio Webinar Review and Bonus

Demio Webinar Review and Bonuses

If you are looking for webinar software to complement your business, you will be excited to learn about the new Demio webinar. This is a critical tool for businesses, whether the company is a start-up or an established enterprise. Webinars will allow you to engage more customers and generate leads.

You can position yourself as an expert in your niche field and even attract new affiliates through this platform. The Demio software promises to deliver numerous features and benefits to businesses through facilitating the webinars. Here is a comprehensive Demio webinar review to help you understand the potential of the product.

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What is Demio Webinar?

Demio is one of the premium webinar platforms, and it is designed to ensure that you and your business are memorable. Essentially, you can use the software for live presentation of products, instructional sessions, demonstrations or even niche discussions with your audience. There are numerous features incorporated in the Demio product that set it apart from alternatives in the market. Therefore, regardless of your business, you are assured that you will be successful in bringing your objections to fruition. The creators of the Demio webinar software are Simon Warner and Wyatt Jozwowski, and the official launch date is 9th November 2016.


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Demio Webinar Features

If you have utilized webinar software in your business before, you know that the quality between different platforms can vary widely. Therefore, when choosing the ideal product for your business, it is critical to consider the features. Here is a brief outline of the most beneficial features incorporated into the Demio webinar.


Demio has been designed to enhance user-friendliness and customization with regard to registration. When you acquire the software, you will only need to go to the official website, register an account and start your webinar streams. Guests can also sign up for your sessions with incredible ease. In addition, there is some customization aspect incorporated to make your registration forms more personal.

– You can modify the text, images, logo and other content on the registration page to match your brand and webinar needs.

– There are multiple templates to choose from Demio.

– You can embed your own registration form using HTML for a truly personalized experience.

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Multiple Media and Interactions

When running a webinar, you can benefit by using multiple media for the presentation or discussion. This will make your sessions more memorable and effective. With Demio, you can share inline videos on your subject with your entire audience, and you can focus on other aspects of the session while this happens. The audio will always be played through the guests’ speakers. You can also use other tools like PowerPoint, Word and images for a more enriching experience. Additionally, you can apply tools that enhance interactivity. These include highlighters, pointers and arrow tools that draw the attention of the audience.

Recurring Webinar Series

Generally, attendees have to register for each of your webinar sessions when you are using any platform. However, this option is inconvenient and time-consuming when you are running a continuing webinar series. Therefore, Demio has developed a feature where your attendees will only have to sign up once in such a situation. For this, you will only need to select the first event date and the recurring date will be easily set up with the recurring feature. If you plan to host the same webinar several times, you can allow your guests to choose the most convenient time when registering by adding the date option function.

Webinar Backstage

The Demio webinar includes an automation rules feature that allows you to segment your audience by noting their interactions during the sessions. This is a useful feature because you can customize the follow-up, depending on their patterns. For instance, you can apply a tag if a registrant does not attend the session or if they leave early. You can send the recordings to them to draw them in. In addition, you can use multiple choice polls to advanced segmentation. Their response to the outlined options will help you develop a targeted message for the pertinent subgroups.

Automatic Recordings

The recordings of the webinar sessions are useful for long-term use as a marketing tool and for review purposes. Therefore, Demio has made it easy for users to obtain these records for future applications. Basically, the software will start recording the session automatically. The data will then be uploaded into your account in HD so that you will download them at your convenience. The recordings always incorporate all aspects of the live session including screen-sharing and all the connected webcams. Additionally, the files are usually uploaded in the mp4 format, so you will not need to worry about specialty playing software.

Convenient Communication

There are multiple communication features included in the Demio software to ensure that the registrants and attendees get the best experience. The platform will automatically send a reminder via email to all people who registered. The intervals are 24 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes before the commencement of the session. You can send the attendees a custom or standard thank you after the sessions. You can chat with individuals and even share the message with the entire audience to encourage the creation of a social business community.

Multiple Coordinators and Sub-Users

The task of running a webinar alone can be overwhelming but at the same time, you might not want to spend more monetary resources to add coordinators. Demio software allows you to add more coordinators, up to fifteen, to help you run the sessions. They can help you manage the webinar backstage and see the entire chat room during the streams. In addition, you can give your employees access to the software with their own sign in credentials. They will have rights to perform various tasks in the software on your behalf.

The Cost of Demio Software

Demio software will offer different packages for the webinar platform for different requirements. There are three available packages depending on your expected number of attendees. For 100, 500 and 1000 attendees, you will be charges $297, $399 and $499 respectively. If you are interested in a discount, you can pay for your annual subscription at once.

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